A growing compilation of customer reviews and comments from the Survival Laser webstore, emails, our Facebook page and laser forums. Names removed, may be edited for content, spelling and grammar.

"I have placed orders with many vendors and have gotten excellent service. Last week I placed two small orders with your company. I expected one delivery today. Imagine my surprise when I got home and both my orders were waiting for me. I have never had such quick and excellent service! I will certainly be a return customer and recommend you highly. Thank you very much!"

"Thank you for the blue laser part bundle, your customer service and your laser bundles live up to expectations. speaking of that your laser bundle called the Survival Laser 1 blue which I received is over-powered for some reason, according to my Laserbee it's putting out nearly 1,300mW compared to the 1,100mW listed, anyway that's a good thing. I hope to do business with you sometime again for another laser."

"i just wanted to thank you guys at Survival Laser for doing such a great job. Your shipping is so fast and your quality is very good. Cheers."

"Just a note. I had back surgery yesterday, out walking with my grandson. Had my little purple laser in my pocket. A large pit bull made a menacing run at us. I turned my friend on and off. Didn't touch the animal just the ground in front of him, and he broke and ran. Beautiful deterrent, no one (including the animal) was injured. I don't know what a dog sees, but it kept a 4 year old out of harms way. Thanks a million."

"I set up the (635nm) laser using the driver I received from you and it works amazing. I am very happy with how well it all works and how good it looks in the S4. I was messing around with batteries and tossed a single 18650 in the laser and noticed that I can't visually tell a difference between two 16340 IMRs and one of your 18650 Ultrafires."

“I have to say Gary, I have to compliment you on your brilliant customer service, it's the best I have ever witnessed dealing with sellers (I emailed ******* on Sunday, still yet to have a reply! He sent me some dodgy glasses and poorly constructed driver) Will be leaving a post on the forums tomorrow giving you my full thumbs up!" “Survival Laser has proven to be a business you can trust. Gary is honest and clearly a person of great integrity. He answered all of my calls, got back with me and took care of my order to the very end until everything went right. This is beyond a doubt the best customer service experience I have received from any company ever." “I ordered some parts before some days and I received the package today.I have to say that everything was something more than a simple OK. Gary is very helpful, good packaging, fast shipping and some parts are very better than what they looks by a simple photo. Thanks Gary.”

"Excellent form and function: These certified safety goggles block green and blue light down to deep purple excellently, either graying it out or washing it white, if not rendering it invisible. I have a fairly large head and it fits just perfectly. The design of these safety goggles are way more fashionable than overly-squarish industrial types but what I really appreciated about this Eagle Pair is that the goggles extend a bit more around the eyes, protecting even your peripheral vision range (but not including around the nose bridge). Under a demanding stress test, these safety goggles deliver ample protection from a momentary direct laser sweep and even direct hits, but not at close range for an extended duration, because after which, depending on the power and wavelength, the material will begin to absorb the heat and melt. Prolonged exposure to overly bright amounts of light in the covered wavelengths can cause rainbow streaks on the material, but again this is pushing the goggles to their limit, and can in no way be considered a complete alternative to exercising appropriate safety measures, but instead a valuable complement to it."

“I just received the red (RH) and the violet laser today. I like them both very much. I can't wait to see what they look like at night. Thank you very much, the shipping was fast as always and I couldn't be more pleased. Also the stainless steel extension tube makes my 1.4 watt blue look freaking awesome!”

“Just got to add my 2 cents worth. Package arrived and took me a whole 3 minutes to unwrap everything. Just to set the scene, this was my first build if you could call it that (more like parts assembly). It took a learner maybe 1.5 minutes max to assemble, and this was without reading the instructions (I know I am a male) and let’s just say "WOW". For the price and the quality and simplicity it does not add up, so to say I am overly impressed is an understatement…you’re the man for the newbie…(for a simple assembly job with nothing to work out). Let me also add, make sure you buy some goggles if this is your first Class 4 laser ‘cause you WILL need them…So +10 to Survival Laser.”

“Your hosts came in on Saturday! That was fast shipping, thanks man! These are beautiful and built like a "brick you know what"! Did I say these are beautiful? And built to run anything from what I can see here! Thank you for some really well built hosts, I have plans for them! You really have an attention to detail not only with the host but also right down to the safe packing with your signature box!”

"Thank you so much, the laser package has arrived safety. Everything works fine and I must say the quality is simply outstanding. So are the Eagle Pair goggles. Will be doing some shopping again in the very near future."

“I got the laser…I am very, very, very happy with it. To be blunt about it, it’s @#$% insane!!! I will continue to do business with you. Thanks again.” “Received both laser and goggles very quickly- very well packaged, having an engineering background I was able to appreciate the build quality of the laser, one problem with your lasers though- it will be a long time before I can afford to get them all! Keep up the good work and excellent customer service.”

“Thanks man, I will continue to use you for any future orders. I am so glad I found a U.S. based company."

“I bought the 660nm kit on the site - wow! Fit and finish was 100% awesome. The hardest part was waiting for the battery to charge. What a great product, I couldn't be more pleased. I will be sending you a PM hopefully next month about a 445nm kit.”

“I would like to send my regards to the entire team at Survival Laser for handling my order, even if it is only a small and simple one. I am very delighted with your service and will not hesitate to do business with you again.”

“Ordered two of these (stainless steel) hosts, they feel GREAT in your hand. The heatsink is as large as possible for the size of the host, nice big chunk of copper. When/if the conical focuser comes into reality, please update, I am very interested in something like that.”

“Wow! I am very impressed with this flashlight! Worth every penny! Thanks!”

“Just received my 1.8w 445nm laser from Survival Laser. It was very easy to assemble. Customer service was superb! On a scale of 1-10, Survival Laser gets a 10. Any time I emailed Gary I got a response within 1 hour. When put together the laser feels solid in the hand and when turned on...WOW!! I'm surprised it doesn't have any recoil when it comes on (just kidding). This is by far the most powerful laser I've ever owned. I was laying on our bed messing around with the laser (with goggles installed on face) and of course I have ADD and got distracted by something shiny on TV. What I didn't notice was that when I got distracted by the shiny thing I had let the laser point at our Dresser that sat about 10-15 feet away. It was only about 5 seconds or so when I looked over and saw smoke. Oops! Sorry dear didn't mean to burn the side of our dresser. My point is, this is a very powerful laser. I made the mistake of losing focus on what I was doing for just 10 seconds and ended up laser engraving the dresser. So if anyone is thinking about getting a high power laser, be safe and mindful of what you are doing and always wear your safety goggles. Thanks. BTW...Survival Laser rocks!”

“I recently ordered the 1.8W 445nm from you. Just letting you know it arrived and is assembled and working beautifully. And I thought my 1W was powerful. I will be ordering another set of goggles soon, I only have one set so I can't really show my friend what it can do without putting them in danger. Thank you for a great product.” 

“Just wanted to let you know that I did receive my order today. I am very happy with the laser. Thank you for the excellent service.”

“Thank you so much again for sending the diode overnight shipping.  I really appreciate it, and I have to tell you, your product is amazing!”

“Garoq, I just received your laser body for the 1.4 445nm kit. I must admit the quality is high…The body looks great! I wish I could get one around 300 to 500 mw - or get the body and an adjustable driver for the body. The very high power of the kit almost scares me, even with reflection blinds in a closed room, with a beam drop. THAT LASER is INSANE!~ Thank You ~ I donated to the forum partly because you were a part of it. Now I think I will be here a long time.  Thank you for your excellent service and additions to the forum.”

“So I ordered a laser host and other supplies to complete a 405nm laser from Survival Laser this Wednesday. Go to my mail today and it showed up already! Talk about fast, thanks a lot. It was super easy to assemble, and thanks for all the warning papers. I'll have to carry those with me for when friends try to "play" with my lasers.”

“Hey Gary, I got home from work today to find my laser had arrived in plenty of time for my camping trip this weekend. I assembled and tested the laser, which works great by the way. I just wanted to thank you for the prompt response and shipping on Tuesday. Thanks a bunch. Great customer service and great product. Thank you again Gary, I was very pleased with my purchase.”

“This laser is working like a dream. Thank you so much. Killed quite a few Aiptasia tonight WOWOW. The only problem I had (but we figured it out) was how to focus, but laser is working like a dream. You can use my name if you want other people to get a laser for Aiptasia.”

“Amazing laser! I bought this laser about a month ago, and I was extremely impressed! Gary provided me with excellent customer service and very quick shipping. When I got the laser I was astounded as to the power and brightness of it. Laser is incredibly powerful! Burns wood and plastics with ease. Beam is incredibly bright at night. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends!”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for such an amazing product! Such a small, sleek design with an incredible amount of power! Now I think one of your flashlights is next on my list!”

“I received the new diode today. Thank you very much for your great service. I have reassembled my laser and wow, this new diode seems much more powerful than the original. I tested it on a piece of cardboard and what used to take 10 seconds or so to start to smoke now smokes and ignites almost immediately. Thanks again.”

“Your 1,000 lumen tactical flashlight 5-mode really puts out a lot of light for such a small package. It blows away the AA mini Maglites that I modify out to 140 lumens. I put yours up against the Maglite burners that I modify and sell, at close range about 25 yards it's equal to my 1,200 lumen Maglite burner, the difference is yours puts out a larger brighter wash without a hot spot where mine has a hot spot surrounded by a wash about the same diameter but with less brightness. Your Cree 1,000 puts out a white light with a blue tint, where mine is a Xenon bulb at 5,000 K which is a true color temp rated at 1,200 lumens. It throws a beam out to about two to three city blocks and can burn through cardboard in about 15 seconds. The 1,000 lumen tactical flashlight 5-mode is very compact with a lot of punch for it's size and can intimidate larger LED flashlights. Nice mod, thanks.”

“I ordered mine on Wednesday received on Friday! This thing is a beauty, the pictures don't do it justice. The all black host and heat sink with lens adapter is amazing. Great quality laser, definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks Gary!”

“Laser works like a charm. This LPF bundle kit is pretty sweet. Easy to assemble, easy to follow instructions, safety info and legal information included, fast delivery, well packaged and decently priced. The upgrades are nice too!! Looking forward to doing business again. Many thanks!!”

“Awesome lasers, great company, excellent customer service, high quality. You won't find a better laser for the money hands down! I enjoy my 1.4 every day.”

"Must say that if you're looking for a company to buy a laser product from DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER. Customer service from Gary has been on a level with the very best, swift responses to any questions I had, went out of his way to help on a few things with the booking. Would order from SL again in a heartbeat. Many thanks and look forward to receiving my product shortly!"

“I'll second that. Top notch all the way!”    

"I ordered my laser on Friday, it was the 1.4W 445nm kit, and I also purchased the extension tube…like I said the order was made on Friday, Gary emailed me due to selling out of 1.4W 445nm, he said he could get one out to me on Saturday or Monday for sure, he then emailed me and said he found an over spec 1.4W that tested at close to 1.7W (1,660mW to be exact), if I wanted that one he could ship it out (or he did find some 1.4W if that is what I would prefer), so I got the over spec one…he shipped out on Saturday, I received (it) on Monday all the way across (the) USA. The package was well packed, easy instructions…I was very impressed with the quality of this laser, very impressed with the beam and burning capabilities, this laser is amazing…Gary was great, very responsive and I look forward to doing business with him again…five star company."

"To make this short this is an awesome company with great lasers I am very satisfied with my laser from this company and very satisfied with service I give this company five out of five stars a++++"

“I purchased a 500mW, 405nm kit from Survival Laser. Great service from them, they shipped immediately last Friday, I got my laser Monday morning…the kit was a snap to assemble, no problems or issues whatsoever. Survival Laser gets an A+ rating from me, from the clarity of the documentation to the product, to the shipping, all was easy and smooth…the laser works great & is solidly built. I wanted to use it as a powerful blacklight "spot" to illuminate some fluorescent paintings - to do this I have the lens almost completely unfocused which creates a dot approx. 3 feet in diameter from across my studio…The light is FAR brighter than my bank of 6, 4' blacklight tubes and really makes standard fluorescent pigments glow nicely. Europium and other glow-in-the-dark pigments absolutely go crazy. The laser also works much better than any UV LEDs or LED flashlights I've tried. The only thing similar I've used was a long-throw UV spot projector for showbiz - the laser is very similar, but the spot is obviously smaller, not stage-size…As a side report, I did focus the laser completely, it will burn all sorts of stuff easily, even white colored stuff. It can be focused to a very small point and burn sharp micro-lines...pretty cool. When even partially focused this laser is extremely bright and goggles are a MUST! I was concerned about the unfocused beam generating heat on the artwork - not a problem from a distance - though when totally unfocused I could still feel the beam's heat on my hand from a foot or two away. When focused, I'd expect this laser to generate heat - even at a good distance, it’s surely not a toy.”

“Thank you very much for all your service. Your site and your service are the best."

"I'd just like to say the SL-V is amazing. At night (no fog) you can see the beam clearly, and it writes on GITD surfaces like a charm. It can also cut WHITE electrical tape at 5 meters. That’s pretty good. It also lights matches instantly and it is a great laser. I’m very satisfied with it. =) As for the flashlight, it is really good and lights up everything you point it at. Batteries lasts about 1 hour, which is good considering you can carry many batteries. It is brightest in the middle but also puts out lots of light on the side. You can see the middle beam in the air if there is a little fog outside. The instructions for building the laser are easy to follow and really accurate, but you can just watch the video on the website, and as NOT mentioned at the website it also includes a charger. ;-)"

"I purchased the 1.4W+ 445nm LPF bundle. It was quick and easy to assemble with the excellent instructions which were included. I feel comfortable that I purchased a quality product. Shipping and communication were top notch. I had to follow up with the purchase of Eagle Pair goggles because the cheapo goggles that I had purchased weren't sufficient for that much power. At this point, I'm experimenting and running mostly with one 18650 battery. I like the flexibility of having that lower power option while knowing that the higher power is available when I want it. Thanks for offering the LPF deals Garoq!"

“Just picked mine up. WOW! The beam and color is just amazing. And I only used one 18650! I think it’s enough power. But I’m really excited to see what the two 16340 can do.”

“Just wanted to drop in here quick and give a little mini-review on the package in case someone is on the fence--just get it! The kit is great for someone who doesn't solder much and wants to build a nice high-power setup. Or, maybe you're like me in that you solder a lot, and just wanted to put something together quick that you know will work. This does both. The shipping is super-quick and is priced low, unlike many places these days. The stock laser is great as-is with your standard A123 batteries. If you shop around, you can get these for $1 each + shipping. I tried some protected CR123 batteries and they do not fit--too long. I'd suggest ordering the Survival Laser extension tube at the same time, so that you can eventually upgrade to protected 18650 batteries, which fit fine. I put in the Ultrafire 3000mAh batteries and when they run low, the laser will start to blink. There's nothing wrong with the un-protected Ultrafire batteries; that is just my preference to use protected cells. As an EE (Electrical Engineer) I use Lithium batteries a lot in my R/C models and know what can happen if they are overcharged or shorted (fire, explosion) or over discharged (need to be jump started--kinda risky). If you are careful, unprotected cells are cheaper…now I need to upgrade my outdated digital camera so I can get some good beam shots."

“Excellent Driver! Threads into the host nicely, uses that 26AWG silicon wire which is the best wire to work with, so flexible! Having the current & color it was designed for written on the driver pill is a great idea. My build produced 541mW with a 3 Element Glass lens which is outstanding, almost over spec than the "500mW +/- 50mW" they claim. Will not be disappointed.”



“This is a great bundle. The laser itself took all of 3 minutes to assemble, thanks to the simple but comprehensive instruction sheet provided. And the laser is POWERFUL. I know it doesn't need saying, but this is NOT a toy. The assembled laser, correctly focused, burned clean through a CD in around 5 seconds. Lightning fast shipping, will definitely order again. I see a 405nm in my future."

“Got mine today, it's fantastic! I didn't buy the goggles and I really wish I did, going to buy some ASAP (it really is that bright of a laser). Anyway, off to burn things!"

"Great laser and ultra fast shipping… Super way for someone to get into this hobby and learn how they are built without having to solder from day 1. Thanks again Gary."

"My goggles arrived today, and I don't have any complaints what so ever. My tiny 20mw green laser doesn't even stand a chance, had to double check it was even working as I couldn't see the dot through the goggles. Does one hell of a great job while looking at the focal point of a 1.2W 445nm laser. Thank you."

"Received it in 2 DAYS! AWESOME!  Great laser. Trackable same day as purchase…smooth deal."

"I just received the goggles today. I just wanted to say that they are epic. They doesnt seem to let any light pass through them. I tested them with 405, 445 and 532. All 3 wavelengths were blocked >99%. They are perfect. Thanks for the fast shipping and pleasant transaction."

“And I'll add in that I ordered the SL I 1.2W package + goggles, and I am highly pleased with his professional attitude, quick support, fast shipping and high quality components.”

“Just want to add in, ordered twice so far from Gary, goggles and more recently a 405nm BDR. Both times order was shipped next day, and was perfectly packaged. Extremely professional service.”

“So I recently bought the SL II kit with some other goodies from Gary at Survival Laser and all I can say is it is top-notch quality stuff. Instructions to put together were good, boxing was great, shipping was fast. The laser looks nice and runs very well. I currently get a bit over 2.1W using the G1 lens and exactly 1.8W as advertised with the stock lens. Definitely a company I would deal with again. Thanks Gary."

"I just received my first laser/kit from Survival Laser and I am absolutely amazed and hooked for life. I bought the LPF special with a few upgrades and I have to say this, I wish I had bought the (higher priced) kit for the simple fact that it would have said Survival Laser etched on the side of this wonderfully deigned product. I am not a brand name person by any means but I don’t mind advertising for a great product especially from a one-man shop. So if you are new and want to get into a great product at a great price then don’t think twice about ordering from this company. I have already started saving for the Survival Laser II and hope some day he makes a green beam for me to get my hands on. Seeing as this was my first laser I am awed by its visible beam and burning power. Its packaging is spot on and solid, the instructions were great and the warnings got laminated and put on the box where I keep the laser. Lastly they are located here in the USA so I only had to wait a few days instead of weeks or months for my box to show up."

"I got one of these a couple weeks ago.  Easy to build well made unit!  I had it up and running in under 5 minutes!  I can recommend these 100%. And they are from the USA."

"Yeah, they are pretty good. I ordered a pair of goggles from them and got them within a few days. Good job, Survival Laser!"

"Like many of you, I have received quite a bit of poor service from various sellers...The best advice so far has been to do business with "Survival Laser, Inc." I recently bought the 660nm "kit". I'm so used to waiting..I was very pleased to receive it in THREE DAYS!!!! Absolutely every way! Very easy to put together and this 300mW red FRIES...well, fries!! I emailed Gary once and got a very prompt reply. After all the B.S. in the past, it's GREAT to deal with a company that cares.....AND to have contact with the owner! Another order is headed your way shortly Gary.....Thanks again!"

"I love my SL I with the extended focus ring. I can focus to a tight beam about 12 feet on my wall, then pop balloons floating around like a carnival shootout. Focused like this I can still burn though a piece of paper at 8-10 feet. Nice tight, straight beam. VERY BRIGHT! Everyone around me can see the beam with no problem. If I focus the beam closer to the device it burns like a surgeons knife. I like to blow smoke into the beam and focus, I can see the tight beam (focus point) travel up and down the beam as I focus. Using it like this, it is important to say, YOU MUST WEAR GOGGLES!! I can engrave things like I am writing with a pencil. It burns black surfaces instantly, but still burns other colored items, even white is I hold it steady long enough. None of these tests required ontime exceeding duty cycle of 1 min. on, 1 min. off. It hard to stick to this because it is all so much fun. Most things burned or started to smoke with seconds if focused right. I can't stress enough, any close up burning, engraving, lighting cigarettes, you MUST wear goggles. I have not burnt my fingers once with the extended focus ring. I never did test the standard focus ring. I think I see what the results would be..... All laser peformence tests the same, just some very warm finger tips to go with it."

"Got my hands on a sufficiently powerful regulated DC power supply so I could really measure everything. My SL II pulled 1.16A @ 8.4V. Output peaked at 2,135mW. I feel a little pain for my LaserBee... Thanks again, Garoq."

"It is now midnight and I LOVE the is absolutely fantastic! Now I understand why everyone is in love with high-power-lasers...can't wait till I can afford another one in an different wavelength...maybe 405nm. Going out again to look at the beam in the sky...That reminds me of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"..."

"I put together my new SL II and waited for the batteries to finish charging.  Green light! Batteries check, Goggles check. Contact! Adjusting the beam on a red plastic cup from about 12". Hole through both sides of cup in about 2 seconds, CHECK ! :) Once you own this laser, your only question will be why did you wait so long? You can't match the two things that make Survival Laser the place to buy. Outstanding quality and workmanship and an owner who treats you the way he would want to be treated himself. A+ Gary. Great company and great product."

"Bought a pair of the Eagle Pair 190-540nm & 900-1700nm. Very comfortable and nice quality. Comes with a case and small lens cleaner. Ordering was very easy and shipping was fast. Thumbs up to Survival."

"Just wanted to mention that I got the laser, and it's 5/5 stars easily, GREAT design, sturdy, etc.  I'll most likely write a review later, but I'm taking it easy, safety being #1 so I'm keeping that in mind. Anyways, Garoq/Survival Laser is great, I love the customer service, and the laser is very well made, altogether I am VERY satisfied with my purchase and new laser! Highly recommended!"

"Received my goggles today. A few days ahead of schedule! The multi wavelength goggles are actually pretty nice. I gave them a quick test and they seem to block out all the visible light in the range. I hope to receive my LPM next week and I will be able to give them a proper test. But so far so good."

"I can vouch for Survival Laser too! Have ordered many parts from them, they are of good quality and they get here quick!"

"I have one so far, the 660nm 300mW. My next 2 lasers will be from Survival Laser (405nm, then the 445nm, MAYBE later an SL II). They are excellent products. Easy to put together. Trouble free. Well engineered. Garoq is excellent and helpful."

"I had my first transaction with Gary this last week when I ordered my SL-II 1.8W 445nm kit. I was on a email list to be informed when these became available. I ordered it on Tuesday and as promised it showed up on Thursday. I assembled the components as instructed and the unit performed perfectly... and quite impressive if I may add! The quality of the product is top notch, but just as important was Gary's professionalism. The 3 times I contacted him on the phone he answered right away (a few email questions were also returned promptly). Great customer service there and rest assured I will be purchasing again from Survival Laser. Thanks again Gary!"

"Just got the laser, great quality! Great laser! Thanks again!"


"All I have to say is WOW!!! This laser is awesome. I spoke with you in the past and I asked you about balloon popping distance and you said 20 feet maybe, I just popped a black balloon at 55 feet! I tried at 70 but it didn't work though I blew up the balloon with my mouth so the extra humidity may have helped to dissipate the heat and the laser had been running for a minute or two at this point. Unfortunately I ran out of balloons. I was also able to light a match at 18 feet. I have been taking some pretty good looking time exposure pictures at night and was curious if you would be interested in any of them. Either way, thank you for a great product!"

"I just received my 1-1.3w in the mail, put it together in approx. 2 min, put some Arctic Silver between the module and the heatsink and it works like a charm. Of course I saw just like most of you the videos of people burning tape, cd boxes and popping baloons, these lasers looked pretty strong to noob like me. And indeed this laser burns at a instant. I will post a review of later on, thanks Gary."

"Those are some awesome lasers...I got 4 of them."

"Received my Survival Laser from Garoq on his special LPF deal and assembled it in about 5 minutes, taking care to not twist the wires from diode to pill, etc. I also later picked up an Eagle Pair multi-wavelength safety glasses from him.
 Well, truly an amazing handheld that does everything promised! This is really an outstanding deal for a solid, basic 445nm 1.3W. Maybe up the line I'll upgrade to a copper heatsink and high-end lens, but for now I'm having loads of fun... I'd recommend Survival Laser to anyone seeking a high power handheld!"

"Got my laser, couldn't be happier!!! It leaves everyone in awe!"

"I've been having lots of fun with my Survival Laser and thinking of the extended case upgrade, despite not having any 18650 batteries (all my lasers and flashlights are the CR123) but the thought of running it for over an hour without a change (total of course, not constant running).. quite tempting. Indeed the laser does slice a blue beam through the night sky. In the rain, or after a rain, it is like an infinitely long light saber."

"Received my Survival Laser kit today from Garoq. Fanastic transit time, even though USPS First Class. Got in in 3 days, UT to CT. An amazing "light saber" of a laser. I have been experimenting with burning various substances at different distances. Thus far, I can reach out to about 15 feet and burn through three yellow PostIts in around 5-10 seconds. Using an Eagle Pair 190~540 & 800~2000 from Lightobject that render the intense blue reflection as a pale yellow dot - very effective. I'm planning on picking up another pair, this time from Garoq, that work for the 650 nm range, as well. Garoq is a first class seller, maker, and new friend in the laser arena..."

"These kits are built very well and the service from the seller was unbeatable. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a quality low-cost laser consider buying one from them."

"Amazing! I just bought this laser two days ago and received it today. The assembly was simple and fast and only took around 3 minutes, no soldering or any special tools required. After assembling it, I put my goggles on and put the batteries in the laser to test it, and I aimed it at the box it came with and I wasn't expecting anything, but it started smoking instantly with hardly any charge in the battery! I got a match and it lit instantly! I'm very impressed and satisfied with this laser. I will hopefully post pictures later! Thanks Gary!"

"I just wanted to say that this laser is freaking awesome.  It has enough power to burn things from 10 feet away.. I use it to replace butane lighters, but I do have to wear glasses the whole time as this thing is so freaking bright!"

"I just got this small but super powerful laser in the mail today. It was not very difficult to put together, but I still felt very gratified after assembly. It is the most powerful handheld I've ever seen. I did notice that it gets pretty warm relatively quickly. But for the price, this thing was definitely a great deal. I am very impressed with how fast it arrived and people will be blown away both here in the real world as well as out at the Burning Man festival when I show it off. Everything ordered was correct and thank you for this laser."

"Received my laser two and a half days after I ordered it. I took memorial day out :) MY G*@!!!!!!!   I've been lighting matches, burning CD cases, paper, CD insert. This is so shockingly powerful for a laser that was so much fun and easy to put together. Survival laser is such an amazing product with an even more amazing customer service. Gary, you're awesome!!!! And thanks a bunch!!!"

"Awesomeeeee.. bought the basic kit, and later bought the copper heatsink upgrade and external lens spring. This laser is by far the best on the market.. and not to mention.. cheaper than any others! Also customer service is awesome! They get back to your emails in no time! Thanks Gary!"

"Well, I received my kit yesterday afternoon! Nice turn-around and delivery to CA! Assembly was easy and, after charging up the batteries, the laser worked fine. Looking forward to some fun experiments this weekend! Thanks Gary for your quality service and product!"

"Received my laser yesterday. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you very much Gary."

"Survival Laser, on only one other occasion have I received such outstanding customer service! You stand quite a bit above not only your competition, but also nearly every other company I have worked with. Great communication and patience. It seemed like you went out of your way just for me! My word of mouth is out there for you!"

"Just wanted to say thank you, I bought a host and built it, then showed a friend and he bought a ton of stuff from you, we put his together last night and man these are super crazy cool! I really want the extension tube after seeing his, I'm jealous."

"I love the Eagle Pair! I was surprised at how well I could see when I had them on while it still protects so well. Probably one of the best glasses on the market for <$100."

 "I received my Survival Laser today! It was simple to build and it worked well...I am satisfied with the laser! Thanks a lot Gary!"

"As a happy camper from a previous experience, I ordered a second laser kit from a forum member using PayPal. Through no fault of our own, the shipping address provided by PayPal was not only incomplete but had wrong ZIP code for a different part of the city. The odds of its delivery into my hot little hands was zero to none! I discovered this when I checked out the provided USPS tracking number and immediately contacted the vendor...but it had already gone. On his own initiative, the vendor shipped a replacement the same day to the correct address with a polite request to return the second unit if it ever showed up... How many vendors do *you* know who would do that without a lot of begging or s%^&^%$%^&* first...? Not only does Survival Laser produce a beautiful product (which peaked @ 1,277mW avg 1,075), the owner took that extra step that really made my day: THANKS Gary - 'tis much appreciated! PS: Both units were delivered this week, and I was quite happy to send Gary the additional $$$."

"My order arrived yesterday, but alas I was at work x.x... Lovingly I was able to work on it today!  It arrived very well packaged, and with all the information regarding safety / build instructions. Very informative and simple directions to follow, I had it together within 5-7 mins. It is a great laser to be working with and I shall be looking forward to purchasing again. Thanks!"

"Ordered on a Friday evening and received on the following Monday. Wonderful laser, holster works great with an ankle garter.."



"This build is not only a laser worth having but also a good bridge for future hobbyists from pre-constructed commercial units to true DIY builds. The kit sold from Survival Laser is complete with all the components for the working laser as well as rechargeable batteries, a charger, an allen wrench for fixing the module in the heat sink, and goggles that would be needed by those relatively new with lasers. (Kits are also available without the batteries, charger, and goggles for those who already have them.) The instructions are clear, and the unit assembles smoothly and quickly into the working model. My final unit metered as 1,130mW at room temperature and freshly charged batteries which places it well on par with 445nm lasers available on the LPF. Though many LPF members will eschew the semi-assembly build of this laser, it does give new hobbyists a look “under the hood” of a diode laser without having to risk disassembly of pre-constructed units. The Survival Laser design can demystify the key laser components for a curious pre-DIY hobbyist who can examine each piece first-hand and compare it to what is described in the many assembly tutorials on the LPF board. The modular design of the Survival Laser could easily lend itself readily to other diode modules allowing offerings of 650 and 405nm models as well as 445nm. It would not be hard to imagine the company web site offers pill/driver/module units that could be reversibly swapped into the host. This simple business model has a lot of promise. Survival Laser has proven to be pleasantly responsible and quick. After my payment through PayPal, the order was shipped by Priority Mail the same day and arrived in good shape. The kit itself was professionally and securely packed. Overall, I recommend purchase of the Survival Laser and look forward to their future offerings."

"Recently bought two of these kits, I must say, a monkey could put these together...  Awesome for a first time builder. Thanks alot... Had them together and LPMed in 10 mins once I got some diodes for them. Here are their results... as advertised... Between 1-1.2W. Thanks again."

"Okay guys, got mine in today and set it up fairly easily. This thing ROCKS! All of my parts were shipped unharmed and this thing is bright! Thanks again, you saved me TONS of time and money."

"Thank you guys for a great product! The Survival Laser has been awesome! (with appropriate safety measures) Thanks for the quick response! I have several friends who should be making purchases through you guys in the near future (all now-former 'Wicked Laser' fans lol) Thank you Gary!"

"Hi, I referred your site to a friend, they bought the $269 laser bundle and I helped them build it. It came out great and they're very happy with it."

"The laser has arrived and it is already mounted, and it works perfectly (it arrived very fast and without problems). I have no LPM but it sure is in the range of mW you indicate. You have done a great work."

"Got mine in the mail today, super fast shipping. It took longer for my soldering iron to heat up than it did for me to solder and assemble the whole thing...easiest build ever and amazing results."

"Got my laser today...played with it for a bit and LOVE IT. Very simple to assemble, very professionally packaged, decided that I am going to grab a copper heat sink, extra pairs of goggles and possibly a G-1 lens. Thanks for this amazing laser Gary. 110% to buy from him again, and on a sidenote a friend of mine may be interested in buying one soon just so you know."

"Hey guys, I just received my laser today and it is awesome. I owned a Wicked Lasers Spyder before this and it was huge. It was WAY too big to carry in your pocket and put out less power and it takes 3-9 months to get it. Also Wicked Lasers at $330 shipped it's a no brainer to go with Survival Laser. On top of that all the parts are easily replaced at a low cost by yourself. I know I sound like a commercial but it is a great product!"

"I am a new member and recently I purchased this build. After a few PMs and paying for it through PayPal, it was on its way. When I received it I had some questions about the build. Gary really went out of his way to help me. I'm not going to get into specifics, but I noticed someone else just posted that that he noticed there isn't a single bad message in this forum. I say, there is a reason for that: Gary is an outstanding person and his merchandise is legit! I'm very happy with my Survival Laser!"

"I just wanted to chime in here and say I ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago. Very smooth transaction, Gary and I exchanged a few PMs before I ordered and he was very helpful at answering all my questions. I think I ordered on a Sunday and had the kit in hand by Wednesday. It literally took less then 10 mins to put together and I'm extremely happy with it! I added the copper heatsink option and even though I still keep the duty cycle under 60 seconds, it never really gets warm at all. I'm sure I could go longer, but I choose to play it safe.This was money well spent and if he offered these same kits in other wavelengths, he would definitely have some repeat business from me. (Yes that was a hint!) I will stress that this isn't something to be used like a "pointer" or a toy. If you do not already have appropriate safety goggles for this wavelength, be SURE to order them with this. I ordered the Eagle Pair glasses and love them. They block everything except a tiny tiny dim light at the dot, but still allow plenty of normal visible light."

"Wow wow wow what a product...I have over 50 lasers from across the world, and not one comes close to this's really an amazing device and nothing comes close to this and I mean nothing!!"

"I received my Survival Laser unbelievably fast - within 2 days! I got the G-1 lens additionally, along with the Copper Heat Sink Upgrade, and glad I did for the extended time and increased power. Gary responded quickly to all my questions and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend this company if you're thinking about getting a Laser."

"I build lasers from scratch, and I'm just going to say that this particular laser was a joy to put together. No soldering or fancy stuff required. The parts are well made and fit together wonderfully. In operation, the laser is just as powerful as I had hoped it to be--it will burn just about any non-white object sert in front of it from many feet away...It feels solid and substantial in the hand (especially with the copper heat sink), and feels very well-made. Overall, it's a great product, and was definitely worth the price."

"I just received the blue laser 1.2W...Words are needless...Best laser product I have ever purchased so far..."

"I got my laser on Saturday. I have been trying it out and I love the fact that you can use one 18650 battery and have a lesser powerful laser. I lit a candle in only a few seconds at full power and with the lower power I burned through some plastic and my Wicked Lasers holster, which fits your laser with the battery extension tube quite well. I will probably just burn the Wicked Lasers logo off and use it with my Survival Laser. Awesome product, easy assembly and fast shipping!"

"I put my order in Thursday afternoon and here I am playing with my fully assembled laser today. Great product, the build quality is very nice and the laser is very powerful. I was lighting white paper on fire without a problem in a matter of a half second. I suspect there will be many tiny holes in a lot of my things soon. Thanks for the great product."

"I bought one of these lasers earlier this week. It arrived yesterday and I got it put together at lunch today. In the short time I played with it....IT IS AWESOME. It is only my second laser. Th other is a nicer (2xAAA) laser pointer for presentations only that I got as a gift for my wedding (many years ago). This one is WAY more powerful (as expected). It will instantly burn cardboard and will draw on wood very nicely. I plan to use it to freehand draw on wood. Just playing around I was able to easily (a few seconds) light a toothpick on fire. I am glad I got two pairs of glasses with it so that my kids and I can share in the fun. I am VERY happy."

"I absolutely LOVE the laser. Very simple to assemble."

"Top of the line lasers with fast shipping"

"Thank you, I received my order today. Great business 110% thanks."

"DIY kit delivered, assembled and tested over lunch: beautiful and simply awesome!!!"

"I (got) a chance to put the laser together and as advertised, it assembled quickly. I have to say, it's quite a little monster. The fact you can focus it is a great improvement over the other handheld lasers for sale. Also impressive is the great distance it will burn (or produce smoke) on various targets."

"I got my parts yesterday, and built one of them. This thing is bright!! With it focused right, it will burn a credit card and through duct tape. Haven't tried balloons or match sticks yet, but it's pretty awesome. Thanks for everything, it was easy to put together, took maybe 5 minutes. I soldered the wires to the leads and put heat shrink on it, came out looking pretty good and it works like a charm. Much brighter than pictures can really show...Thanks again!

"Very easy to assemble laser. I absolutely love the host."

"I just received my laser and it is everything you could ask for in a 445 laser. I was sitting in direct sunlight in my kitchen and you could see the beam through the sunlight. The laser itself is well made and the machined parts are very well made (good finish, no burrs, etc.) Thanks it is now one of my favorites for sure!"

"These seem good. I ordered one on Thursday afternoon and it arrived Saturday. I don't have a meter to measure the power, but I was using the brown interior of the cardboard box it shipped in as a non-reflective, non-valuable target a few feet away, to play around with the focusing. I unintentionally set the box on fire in a few seconds whilst experimenting with the focusing."

"Yeah the shipping speed is very fast!!! I ordered on Friday. SHIPPED SAME DAY. Going to be here on Monday."

"Incredibly fast shipping! I ordered it and it shipped the same day. The laser will get to my house before my glow in the dark dust cap."

"Just received my laser. Very fast shipping. Took literally 3 mins to put together. Very nice!"

"What a great little kit! It seriously took under 10 min to get running. I highly recommend this kit to folks with sub-par soldering skills like me!"

"Absolutely incredible product in every way - from the quality of the instructions to the tear-through-the-night-sky beam, this is one solid piece of kit. Great work SL :)"

"Woohooo! i just finished my kit and it is perfect! burns like a beast and I love it, very easy build and the tutorial helps every step of the way, to everybody if you want to make your first build this is a very nice, easy setup with a wonderful tutorial. thank you very much again Survival Lasers! I will be buying many more products from you if you make other kits and DIY lasers!"

"...this kit was awesome, easy and the tutorial is literally every single step. Awesome, I might have to get another since its so cheap."

"Needless to say, I'm very happy!"

"I just dropped, wait more like threw by accident this host on some tile floor. I was holding the wrist strap and spun around and lost it. Still works, so I know this is a good quality host and can take a bit a damage, good thing because I'm a klutz. I recommend this host to any newbie looking for a first build, great price, great reliability!"

"I was skeptical at first..."A 1W, blue laser, for less than $800? Wheres the catch?"I was able to have it together and working in less than 30 minutes. I have a collection of high powered lasers, and I am able to discern between a crap one that lies about it's power, and a real quality product. *This is the best laser I have ever purchased.* Amazing price too. Love it."

"I bought this host and a diode with lens from Survival Laser and I am more than happy. Fits like a glove. Very powerful laser. Have to use safety googles with this one."

"I received my blue laser a couple days ago, and have finished putting it together and testing it. An end result? I have two words for you: Holy $*^%! Not only did I have fun putting together such a complicated and advanced piece of equipment on my own and having it work on the first try, but it is everything the company said it would be! This could sound like a 'Paid Advertisement', but I promise you - I am just someone who likes lasers, and have seen lasers with a fraction of the power being at exponentially higher prices; and you get to learn about the inner workings of a laser, and how to safely use it. I cannot recommend this product enough. I also have a 200mw red laser and a 100mw green one, but this one takes the cake. I am so happy with this purchase! Along with receiving the exact product that I ordered quickly and in good condition, but I received great service and assistance from Gary. (Did I mention he is also working as a rocket scientist? I didn't even think those existed...) I will stop typing out the positive feedback now, I feel like a school-child. I'm sure you've begun to understand my point: This is a confirmed, legitimate blue laser that he tests before he sends, and is WELL worth the money I spent on it. Thank you, Survival Laser!"

"On a side note, built the laser about 20 mins ago and its freaking awesome. May be the fact its my first 445nm build but it's nuts, also your safety glasses work great."

"Received my order today. It arrived much quicker than I thought it would. Thanks again!"

"I bought this kit a couple weeks ago. It's build quality is fantastic. It was by far the easiest build I've ever done. I highly recommend this kit"

"I have one of these as well, the quality is outstanding & putting it all together took less than 5 minutes. :) I gave this laser a great review with a lot of pictures + some snowy beam shots. GREAT picture tutorial also! The pictures are so helpful when it comes to assembling something like this!"

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