Why SL?

We know that you have many choices available from the numerous laser and laser parts suppliers worldwide. Here are a few reasons to purchase from Survival Laser:

• Personal satisfaction: 
You experience the enjoyment of building your own laser, and you will gain a much better understanding of the function of the individual parts and how they fit and work together. But don't worry, our laser parts bundles are easy to assemble for virtually anyone of any skill level.

• Customization: You can customize your laser parts bundle with a number of design options including heat sink material, diode module material, host design and material, focus ring style and goggles type.

• Fast shipping: 99%+ of our orders ship within two business days.

• Superior customer service: You can contact us by email, fax or phone, and expect a response by the next business day.

• Comprehensive documentation: Our laser parts bundles ship with complete assembly and operation instructions and safety precautions. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to preview the instructions and other documentation for any of our parts bundles.

• No-hassle warranty: We try to give our customers the benefit of the doubt! While our warranty rate is extremely low, you can rest assured that we’ll work with you to quickly resolve any problem you may encounter with our products.

• Real performance numbers: Every one of our laser diode and driver modules is tested for optical output using a calibrated laser power meter and ships only if it meets our published specifications.

• Industry-leading power output: The SL III boasts the highest optical output power of any commercially available handheld laser technology.

• High efficiency diode drivers: Our efficient switching power supply diode driver circuits require no heat sinking. So-called “linear” and "boost" drivers generate considerable heat, must be heat sinked at the higher power levels and can quickly deplete your batteries.

• Color-coded components: Our patent-pending color anodized heat sinks and extended focus rings let you immediately identify your laser’s wavelength, which is extremely important for selecting the proper laser safety goggles.

• Wide range of products for different skill levels: We specialize in true “no-solder” handheld laser component technology, but also sell a variety of “DIY” parts once you’re ready to design and build your own lasers from scratch.

• Ongoing innovation: Color anodized focus rings, external lens springs, color anodized and extended heat sinks, high output switching power supply drivers and preassembled driver pills, custom aluminum and stainless steel hosts, a C6 pressure pad switch and 18650 battery extension tubes are a just few of the innovations we’ve brought to the handheld laser parts industry, and there are more to come!

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