Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly, Extended Heat Sink

Product Code: SL-SLSS1LHA

Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly, Extended Heat Sink Summary

The Survival Laser brushed finish stainless steel host assembly is laser-etched with the Survival Laser logo and includes the body (retaining ring, heat sink holder, battery holder and tail cap with "clicky" switch and wrist strap), an extended copper heat sink with set screw and a 0.050" Allen wrench. The heat sink is machined to fit a standard 12mm diameter diode module. Does not come with diode, driver circuit or other components. Primarily intended for use with our P/N SL-DDM1 diode & driver module or flashlight parts bundles, or can be incorporated into your own custom build. We recommend that the driver wires be approximately 1" long for the diode module to fit properly. Not recommended for use with the other SL diode and driver modules because the driver wires are too long and can get trapped between the heat sink and pill unless extreme care is used during assembly. Does not work with the SL-CFA1 Conical Focus Adapter, but an extended length focusing ring is recommended because the heat sink is recessed within the host. Designed for use with two rechargeable RCR123A or disposable CR123A batteries, or a single 18650 battery depending on diode and driver used.

Overall Length: 4.94"
Maximum Diameter: 0.96"
Weight: 176 grams

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Wow - ApexProxy - 8/10/2012
This is seriously the most amazing host I have ever seen. The brushed steel look is very unique and stands out over other hosts. Its also hands down the most solid feeling hosts I have ever held. It (finished laser) weighs more than an S4 with an extension and 2 18650s by about 30% and the solid weight is a very good thing in my book.

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