Survival Laser III 445nm Laser

Product Code: SL-003PB
Host Assembly Material Option*

Survival Laser III 445nm Laser Summary

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Sold partially assembled for shipping purposes.

The Survival Laser III specs out at 2.8W (2,800mW) +/- 200mW peak optical output power at 445nm wavelength with the included high-efficiency single-element glass lens.

The SL-003PB laser includes:

• Your choice of standard Survival Laser S4™black anodized aluminum host assembly with extended and tapered solid copper heat sink, or the Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly with extended and tapered solid copper heat sink
• 9mm 445nm diode
• Solid copper diode module
• 2.2A custom diode driver circuit with silicone insulated leads
• Single-element "G-2" AR-coated glass lens assembly with blue anodized extended focusing ring
• External lens spring
• Silicone lens cap
• Syringe of Arctic Silver™ Ceramique 2 high-performance thermal compound

The Survival Laser III incorporates the same modular, "no soldering required" basic design as the other Survival Lasers.

The Survival Laser III operates for up to 20 minutes total time per charge with the included RCR123A rechargeable batteries, and can also use two larger 18650 batteries with the optional 18650 battery extension tube to achieve longer total run times. The recommended duty cycle for the SL III is 45 seconds on followed by two minutes off.

WARNING: Appropriate laser safety goggles must be worn when using an assembled laser.

A complete list of product specifications for the Survival Laser III can be found on the "About" page, and is also contained in the PDF instructions linked near the bottom of the "Home" page.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Excellent Laser! Even "Better Burn" for my buck! - A.J. - 10/13/2016
This is my second laser from Survival Laser, my first being the Survival Laser II SE 2,200mW. All I can say is WOW! I love the C4 host, it looks and feels VERY solid. What was a real pleasant surprise was when I tested my new SL III with my LaserBee II, it read 2,859mW. The tested power of this laser by Survival Laser, written on the pill, was 2,836mW. My reading is 23mW higher! 23 mW might not be much, but it goes to show that the people at Survival Laser definitely take the time to ensure every laser they sell meets the advertised specs. Excellent laser and superb quality! You can't go wrong when you buy from Survival Laser!

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