Survival Laser 1.4 445nm Laser

Product Code: SL-001.4PB
Diode Module Option*
Host Assembly Material Option*

Survival Laser 1.4 445nm Laser Summary

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Sold partially assembled for shipping purposes.

No soldering required! 
The SL-001.4PB laser includes your choice of standard C6 or Survival Laser S4™black anodized aluminum host assembly with solid copper heat sink, (P/N SL-SLS4LHA), or Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly with extended and tapered copper copper heat sink (P/N SL-SLSS2LHA), 445nm AR coated glass lens, blue anodized extended lens focusing ring, external lens spring, lens cap and a 1.4W 445nm diode and driver module (P/N SL-DDM1.4) with your choice of nickel-plated brass or solid copper diode module.

Optical power output is 1,400mW +/- 100mW with the standard included lens. A complete list of product specifications for the Survival Laser 1.4 can be found on the "About" page, and is also contained in the PDF instructions linked near the bottom of the "Home" page.

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5 product stars
Amazing - BluLaser - 4/9/2017
Even came over spec'd at 1.52-1.64 W.

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