Eagle Pair® 190-470nm & 660-760nm Laser Safety Goggles

Product Code: SL-RLG13

Eagle Pair® 190-470nm & 660-760nm Laser Safety Goggles Summary

Update: Based on our testing with the recently-introduced high-power 635nm red diodes, these goggles appear to have an OD of approximately 2.5 at the 635nm wavelength.

Eagle Pair® brand protective laser safety goggles for combined 190-470nm & 660-760nm wavelengths. These goggles have 40% visible light transmission, protect to a level of OD 4+ (reduce the intensity of 190-470nm and 660-760nm laser light by a factor of 10,000 or more), and are CE certified. They are suitable for use with 405nm violet, 445nm blue, and 660-760nm red lasers. These Eagle Pair goggles may be used when looking at the spot created by a 10 watt or lower power laser of the protected wavelength on a non-reflective surface. However, you should NEVER look directly into any laser beam or its direct reflection even when wearing laser safety goggles. Eagle Pair laser safety goggles come with a cleaning cloth and protective case (case appearance may be different than that shown). Note: These goggles are for personal use only, not for any commercial use that is regulated by OSHA.

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