Eagle Pair® 190-540nm OD5 Standard Laser Safety Goggles

Product Code: SL-BLG2

Eagle Pair® 190-540nm OD5 Standard Laser Safety Goggles Summary

Eagle Pair® brand protective laser safety goggles for 190-540nm wavelength. These goggles have exceptional visible light transmission (rated at 50%) and yet protect to a level of OD 5+ (reduce the intensity of 190-540nm laser light by a factor of 100,000 or more), and are CE certified. They are suitable for use with 405nm violet, 445nm blue, and 532nm DPSS green lasers that DO NOT produce significant amounts of unfiltered 1064nm infrared light. These Eagle Pair goggles may be used when looking at the spot created by a 100 watt or lower power laser on a non-reflective surface. However, you should NEVER look directly into a laser beam or its direct reflection even when wearing laser safety goggles. Eagle Pair laser safety goggles come with a cleaning cloth and protective case (case appearance may be different than that shown). Note: These goggles are for personal use only, not for any commercial use that is regulated by OSHA. Eagle Pair goggles (without case & cleaning cloth) are now included standard with the Suvival Laser parts bundles w/accessories. Click here to download a graph of optical density (OD) vs. wavelength in nanometers for these goggles in PDF format.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
This is Cheap insurance for your eye sight! - Rob Smith - 8/27/2018
I've been working with 1.2+ watt laser with this glasses and they are absolutely amazing. Just the reflection off of an object while trying focus causing lots of stray light. These are a must have!

5 product stars
Undoubtedly saved my eyesight! - John - 8/2/2018
I purchased these goggle to go with a "5W" 450nm(label anyway) laser module from banggood. I was reckless with my testing, accidentally snagged a wire, and caused a fully powered module to fall off my bench. All I saw was a bright flash but no damage was done! Your goggles saved my eyesight. Best 50 spent is an understatement. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! DO NOT TRUST YOUR EYESIGHT TO ANYTHING LESS! YOUR EYES LITERALLY DEPEND ON IT.

5 product stars
Best blue light goggles ever - Chenhao yu - 4/7/2018
It was hard for me to fall asleep at night cause all the blue light I see from the LEDS and screens, now I have this pair of goggles block all blue light, all the blue is black now I'm now having better sleeps at night like I never had since owning cellphones and tablet. Good goggles, and kind of stylish too.

5 product stars
excellent - dwayne - 1/5/2017
absolutely fantastic service from survival lasers and shipped to the uk in good time and arrived in perfect condition. outstanding service. thank you

5 product stars
Fantastic - Ben - 1/29/2016
i have had these for a year now. They shipped to me all the way here in Australia. VERY fast too. i have had these for a year now and they are still working great for me. HIGHLY recommended!!

5 product stars
Works Perfectly - Kam - 10/9/2015
So far, I've been able to test these goggles on a 532nm green laser and it makes the light barely even visible, which is great. No green laser dot gets through this thing. Highly recommended.

5 product stars
Excellent form and function - Tom De Vera - 5/20/2012
These certified safety goggles block green and blue light down to deep purple excellently, either graying it out or washing it white, if not rendering it invisible. I have a fairly large head and it fits just perfectly. The design of these safety goggles are way more fashionable than overly-squarish industrial types but what I really appreciated about this Eagle Pair is that the goggles extend a bit more around the eyes, protecting even your peripheral vision range (but not including around the nose bridge). Under a demanding stress test, these safety goggles deliver ample protection from a momentary direct laser sweep and even direct hits, but not at close range for an extended duration, because after which, depending on the power and wavelength, the material will begin to absorb the heat and melt. Prolonged exposure to overly bright amounts of light in the covered wavelengths can cause rainbow streaks on the material, but again this is pushing the goggles to their limit, and can in no way be considered a complete alternative to exercising appropriate safety measures, but instead a valuable complement to it.

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