DTR 20mm Diode Module Host Bundle

Product Code: SL-DTR20HB
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DTR 20mm Diode Module Host Bundle Summary

The DTR 20mm Diode Module Host bundle includes the following:

• Your choice of black anodized C6 or S4 host (no logo) with DTR 20mm diode module adapter
• Drilled driver pill & brass ring
• Unwired blank battery contact board
• Your choice of standard 3-element or G-2 lens, both with extended focus ring 
• Your choice of extended focus ring color
• External lens spring
• Silicone lens cap
• Ceramique thermal compound

NOTE: Does not include diode, diode module or driver circuit.

This host bundle is designed to use a DTR 20mm copper diode module which can be purchased here:

DTR Copper Diode Modules

The inside lip of the adapter makes direct contact with the module and holds it in compression against the driver pill. By using a small amount of thermal grease, effective heat transfer can be established from the module to the adapter and the pill, and through the rest of the host.

Clearly a good number of different diode-driver combinations can be used in this configuration. We leave it to the imagination of the builder to decide what is the best combination of parts for their application.

An included O-ring can be placed between the end of the module and the inside lip of the module adapter to compensate for slight tolerances in the length of the module if necessary.

Note that this product is intended for use with the DTR 20mm aluminum and copper modules with the built-in driver shelf.

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