DIY 1-1.3W 445nm S4 Host Assembly

Product Code: SL-LHA1
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DIY 1-1.3W 445nm S4 Host Assembly Summary

A do-it-yourself (DIY) S4™ host assembly which includes the body (retaining ring, heat sink holder, battery holder and tailcap switch), a 1.25A diode driver circuit preinstalled in the "pill" (other current options available via the drop down menu), choice of unanodized aluminum or copper heat sink with set screw, 0.050" Allen wrench and lens cap. Add your own diode, diode module (SL-DMFR1) and 445nm glass lens (P/N SL-DL1). Uses two rechargeable RCR123A or disposable CR123A batteries. Each driver assembly is tested before shipment. Note: You do not need to solder lead extensions to your diode with this assembly, the leads from the driver are of sufficient length.
Notice: Due to the sensitive nature of electronic components, the "DIY" parts and assemblies are sold "as is" and without warranty. Do not purchase the "DIY" products if you are unskilled in soldering and ESD techniques.

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Great laser host - Rasmus Thell - 1/4/2011
i bougtht this host an a diode with lens from survival laser and i am more than happy. fits like a glove. very powerful laser. have to use safety googles with this one .

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